Using Bots To Automate Your Group Invites

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Why Would I Need A Bot?

  • In Second Life, when you send someone a group invite yourself, they get a drop-down menu with an option to join your group, and that's all there is too it, they click Accept, and they are in the group. The problem with this option is that it means you have to open the group, search for the avi and send them a manual invite. Not something that's very easy when you are busy on stage!
  • Unfortunately, unless you send out group invites yourself, there is no way to do this by script, through an object. That means that the best a script writer can do, for your Tip Jar, Donations Box or group joiner is to give the person touching it a link in local that they have to click on, open the group profile, find the Join button, and click it. Not exactly user-friendly!
  • Unless you use a bot!
    • A bot is a program that runs on a computer or server, that act's like a human, inviting someone to your group. Now, your guests will get a simple Accept or Reject invite and no one has to go searching for avi names and all the hassle that goes with it!

But aren't bots illegal?

  • No. Bots have been got the name as being illegal, due to the way lots of SIM's have used high levels of Bots to create false traffic numbers and make them look busy. Some folks also use them to copy peoples designs and steal things. But a bot used correctly and within Linden Labs ToS, registered with Linden Labs as a scripted agent, is totally legal. For more information see here: Lab Official:Bot policy

Are bots hard to use?

  • Not really, like everything it depends on which one you choose.

What bot systems can I use?


  • You need to run a small piece of software on your PC, either when you gig or 2/24 depending when you want your auto groups invites available for. There is an option to pay extra for a hosted version. Pikkubot will cost you L$6,000 to buy and download.


  • Smartbots, rent you a bot.You pay weekly/monthly in fact when you want! For one group it costs L$79 per week, and you can even get a weeks trial to get you going!


  • You need to run a small piece of software on your PC, either when you gig or 2/24 depending when you want your auto groups invites available for. It's free to download, but for group invites you need a plugin, which is currently L$1,750.

Which is better?

  • I know everyone has their own opinion, but for a trouble free and reliable bot service that runs 24/7 (so you can put out group joiners), and for the price of only L$79 per week, Smartbots to me is a no-brainer!
Our Ultimate Range, Club Range, Live Artist Range and Donations boxes all have integrated support for Smartbots & Pikkubots

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