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Live Act Web Tip Jar Range
Version 5.33


This page has all the information that I think you need to use your Tip Jar. However, since your Jar is “Rez N Go” you don't have to adjust any settings before you use it.
Touching the jar will bring up your Admin menu & if you go into Jar Config most day-to-day configuration can be made there. I suggest you rez your Tip Jar and test it before you change anything.
Please find some time to set-up your Tip Jar before you work, as all settings are best changed when not in use.
Tip Jars are copy and mod, so you can make as many as you like and adjust them so you can have different settings for different clubs etc.

Jar Loading Times

Your MZD Tip Jar is designed for use in busy and laggy Sims, script usage is reduced to a minimum and our fast-boot script system, means that loading times are extremely quick compared to other makes of tip jars. On average your tip jar scripts will take 2-3 seconds to load, even in a busy sim. There are however a couple of times when you will find the fast-boot, won't work:
The first time you rez the jar. On first rez, all settings are reset and the jar loads all information afresh from the note-card. It will also check for jar updates, which due to Second Life limitations can freeze certain jar features for a few seconds. If you edit the note-card, or add items to the inventory. Adding gifts, note-cards, textures etc to the jar inventory means the jar will recheck what you have changed and re-read the note-card.

We suggest you always 'First Rez' your jar or update settings etc, before you need to work, to allow the everything to all load correctly

Debit Permissions

Like all Second Life Tip Jars, Vendors, Rent Boxes etc, if you decide to use your Live Act Tip Jar to pay splits, it will request debit permissions from you to enable it to work correctly. This is quite normal for any object used for this function. Please see Debit Permissions for more information. If you don't need to pay splits, then this permission isn't necessary.

Using Your Tip Jar

Getting Started

To use your Tip Jar it's easy!

  1. Rez the Tip Jar where you want to use it
  2. Wait for the Configuration to load (10-15 sec)
  3. You will receive a confirmation when your Tip Jar is ready

Selecting A Design

Since V5.0, Live Act Tip Jars come with a choice of 10 designs (so update to the newest version!).
Selecting your choice of designs is easy and all done by menu.

  • To choose your design:
    1. Touch the Tip Jar
    2. From the menu, click on Admin
    3. Click Jar Config
    4. Click Design
    5. Select the design that you want to try:
      Black Steel Blue Stars Green Stars Purple Stars
      Blue Wave Red Mist Bubbles Red Hearts Purple Haze
    6. Your Jar will now update to your chosen design

Using Other Textures

Your Tip Jar can use either your profile picture (default) or one or more textures from its inventory. Selecting how you do this is done through the tip jars configuration menu.

Before you set up your choice of texture, make sure you have added the all items needed to the inventory, see here.

Adding more that one texture to your Jar inventory will enable the jars slide-show facility, when you instruct it to use textures from the jars inventory.

  • To do this:
    1. Touch the Tip Jar
    2. Click Admin
    3. Click Jar Config
    4. Click Textures
    5. Click Inventory

Tip Jar Rotation

Your Tip Jar can rotate when in use.

  • To do this:
    1. Touch the Tip Jar
    2. Click Admin
    3. Click Jar Config
    4. Click Jar Rotation
    5. Select Rotate On or Rotate Off as required

Change Hover Text Colour

You can change the colour of the text that appears over your Tip Jar.

  • To do this:
    1. Touch the Tip Jar
    2. Click Admin
    3. Click Jar Config
    4. Click Jar Text
    5. Select your text colour

Change Tip Info Displayed

You can change what tip details you want displayed over your Tip Jar. For example, some users prefer to hide the total tips received as it can impact on tips received if you have earned a high amount of tips.

  • To do this:
    1. Touch the Tip Jar
    2. Click Admin
    3. Click Jar Config
    4. Click Tip Display
    5. The buttons displayed will allow you to turn on or off the following:
      • List On or List Off - Displays a list of your last 3 tippers names
      • Recent On or Recent Off - Displays the highest of your last three tips
      • Total On or Total Off - Displays the total of the tips you have received
      • Last On or Last Off - Displays the name & amount of your last tip

Change Jar Particle Effects

You can change the particle effects of your Tip Jar, or turn them on or off using the menu system.

  • To do this:
    1. Touch the Tip Jar
    2. Click Admin
    3. Click Jar Config
    4. Click Particles
    5. To turn on or off particle effects click on Part. On or Part. Off
    6. Choose from the list displayed: Music Hearts Kisses L$ Coins Smileys
    7. Your Jar will now use your chosen effect when a tip is received

Stats & Lists

Your Tip Jar is set up to keep track of your tips and also how many requests it has received for information, group joins, gifts etc. It will keep a running total of tips you have received since you first set up the jar and also a total per gig. You can view these totals yourself with just the press of two buttons!

Tip & Giver Stats

Your Tip Jar will give you your tip and giver stats, since the last time you reset it and a money total since you set up the jar.

  • To do this
    1. Touch the Tip Jar
    2. Click Admin
    3. Click Tip Stats
    4. You will see a list of your givers and joiners, with how many clicks they have received, and also two money totals:
      • Total Tips - How much you have earnt since you rezzed the Jar
      • Overall - How much you have earnt since you started using that Jar

Viewing Tipper List

All your tip notifications are sent to you as private messages in Local chat. However, sometimes (especially in busy clubs) you maybe busy & you miss a tip coming in.

  • Your Tip Jar can give you this information.
    1. Touch the Tip Jar
    2. Click Admin
    3. Click Tip Stats
    4. Click Tippers
    5. You can reset this list by clicking on Clear

Resetting Tip & Giver Stats

You can reset your tip stats without re-rezzing the Jar:

  • To do this:
    1. Touch the Tip Jar
    2. Click Admin
    3. Click Reset All
    4. Click Yes Reset

Controlling & Paying Splits

Please Note: Before reading this, make sure you have set up your tips first. For more details see Setting Up Splits.
  • If you have several Avi's set up for splits on your Tip Jar, everyone will get spammed with a Payment Received message every time you receive a tip. This will create a lot of lag for you and also a huge amount of spam when you are trying to work. Since V5.0, Live Act Tip Jars do not pay splits with every tip you receive, instead they store your transactions so that you can pay all splits AFTER your gig. This means you aren't disturbed during your gig and all splits are sent as one transaction after you finish.
  1. You can pay splits at any time. You don't have to pay the splits at the gig
  2. Simply “Take” the Jar into your inventory and your splits are stored
  3. Next time you rez the Jar, you will be prompted to pay your splits
  • To pay your splits, simply do the following:
    1. Touch the Tip Jar
    2. Click Admin
    3. Click Jar Config
    4. Click Pay Split
    5. You have a choice of:
      • Pay Now - Pay splits to all Avi's now - Tips total will be split, paid to the Avi's you have listed and then zeroed.
      • Pay Later - Process splits later - Tip's total is carried forward to your next gig and can be paid after that.
      • Never Pay - Deletes totals & doesn't pay splits - Selecting this option means you keep all tips, no splits are paid & the tips total is zeroed!
    6. Select the option you require and confirm your choice if prompted.
    7. Unless you selected “Pay Later”, your tips will now be reset to zero and you are ready for your next gig!

Product Updates

Your Jip Jar will automatically check for updates every 10 days, when rezzed. However, if you want to check manually for an update, you can do that very easily:

  • To do this:
    1. Touch the Tip Jar
    2. Click Admin
    3. Click Update
    4. Your product will now connect to the MZD Update server to see if there is a newer version. If there is, you will receive a message and one will be sent to you.
    5. You can also go to any MZD Store and touch the Redelivery Terminal and have the latest items sent to you.

Please note: Certain operations on your Jar may take a few seconds to respond while checking for an update, this is best done when you are not working!

Getting Help

  • Need some help with your Jar?
    1. Touch the Tip Jar
    2. Click Help
    3. Click Go to page

Settings - Configuration Note-Card

Most Jar settings are stored on the configuration NC, this is not done by accident, it is done to prevent you from loosing all your settings!
Some tip jars out there, allow you to enter your settings by menu. This may seen like a great idea, but the problem is, if you decided to rez another copy for another club or gig, or should you be gigging when a SIM crashes, you run the risk of loosing all your settings and having to re-enter them all again.
Entering important settings by menu means that your settings are stored on the script. If you need to do a script restart, rez another copy or experience a bad SIM crash, will result in you loosing all those settings you have spent time to set-up!

Remember - Always Keep a Copy of your configuration note-card!
Before editing the note-card, drag it out of your Tip Jar and into your inventory so you will always have a copy!

Finding Config Note-Card

Your configuration note-card is stored in the Tip Jar. To find it do the following:

  1. Rez the Tip Jar
  2. Wait for the Configuration to load (10-15 sec )
  3. Right click and select Edit
  4. Select the Contents tab
  5. You will see your configuration note-card listed:
    • The settings note-card for your Tip Jar is named: _lawtjs_config

Editing Config Note-Card

Find and open your config note-card as [above]

  • You will see the settings listed:
# MZD Live Act Web Tip Jars Config 5.2  -  Script Configuration File
  1. To make changes, be careful to always leave the first part of the line, the '=' sign and the space before & after the '=' sign and make your changes.
    • Not correct:
      • Local MessageHigh 5's for that rockin' tip
      • LocalMessage=High 5's for that rockin' tip
    • Correct:
      • Local Message = High 5's for that rockin' tip
  2. You can now edit the entries on the note-card
  3. Then press Save
  4. Your changes will be updated in your Jar

Changing Messages

Your Tip Jar has two Thank You messages that you can customise. These are used whenever a tip is received.
There is a local message (seen by everyone on local chat) & a private message to your tipper (seen by tipper only).
Start by opening the configuration note-card as [above]

Local Message = Thank you so much for that great tip 
Local Message 2 = It is much appreciated!
Private Message = DISABLED
Public Message
  1. The local message, is the message sent in local to the tipper that everyone can see, it is split into two parts
    • The main Thank You
    • And a 2nd part (added after the tippers name)
  2. Edit the part after the '=' sign
    • For example Local Message = High 5's for that rockin' tip
Private Message

The private message is a message you can send to the tipper only. It is disabled by default, but you can enable it, just by adding a message:

  • For example: Private Message = If you would like a request, please send me an IM!
Touch Message

You can customise the message that someone gets when they touch your Jar if you wish.
Open the configuration note-card as [above]

Menu Message = To tip me, please right click my Tip Jar and select "PAY".
  • For example: Menu Message = Click on the "Join Group" button to join my group, or to tip me, please right click my Tip Jar & select "PAY"

Givers & Joiners

Your Jar is designed to give out items, allow them to join your group and to allow people to connect to your websites to learn more about you.

Setting Up Web Buttons
  • Open the configuration note-card as [above] and find these lines.
Website =
Twitter =
YouTube =
FaceBook =
  1. Enter the correct web address for your Website, Twitter, YouTube and Facebook pages
    • Hint: Go to the page on each site, and copy the address from the top of your browser and paste it into the card to avoid typo's
  • The finished entries might look something like:
Website =
Twitter =
YouTube =
FaceBook =
Bio, Song List & Schedule

Your Jar has three easy-view buttons to give out your Biography, Song List, and Schedule. They will work immediately and give out the notecards that are in the Jar inventory. The easiest way to use the Tip Jar is to edit these and paste in your information.
Should you wish to use your own notecards or rename the ones that are there, it's easy. Just delete the ones you don't want, and add new ones.
To do this, add the items you wish to give away to the inventory of your Tip Jar see here.

NOTE: The items to be given away must be in the Tip Jar inventory, and you must enter the exact name for them
We suggest you copy and paste the names into a note-card so you have them ready to paste into the configuration note-card
  • Open the configuration note-card as [above] and find these lines.
Biography = Biography
Song List = Song List
Schedule = Schedule
  1. Enter the correct names for the three notecards, for your Biography, Song List and Schedule.
  • The finished entries might look something like:
Biography = Marcus Zenoria Biog
Song List = My Song List
Schedule = Weekly Schedule
  • NOTE: For the example above, the items in the Tip Jar invent MUST be named:
    • Marcus Zenoria Biog
    • My Song List
    • Weekly Schedule
Group Joiner

Find and open your config note-card as [above]

  • You will see the settings listed:
# Enter your group key here:
Group Key = 00000000-0000-0000-0000-000000000000
  1. All you need to do to activate the group joiner is to paste the UUUID (or key) of your group into the note-card on this line.
  2. Several viewers will give you this key when you look at the group profile. If your's doesn't, simply rez the Group UUID Detector from your Tip Jar pack and follow the instructions to get your groups UUID.
  3. Save
  4. Your changes will be updated in your Jar and your Jar will give anyone requesting it a link to click on to join your group.
Using A Bot

It is also possible to use a bot to send automatic invites for your group. These are much easier, for your guests to use, since all they have to do is to click on one button to join. This Jar is compatible with Smartbots and Pikkubots, should you wish to use one. To read more about bots read: Using Bots To Automate Your Group Invites

Setting Up A Bot

Find and open your config note-card as [above]

  • You will see the settings listed:
# ***** SET-UP TO USE BOTS *****
# MZD Tip Jars can work with Smartbot or Pikkubot
#    To use, enter Smartbot or Pikkubot for Bot Type
#       or leave it set to DISABLED if not required:
# For Smartbot 
#   enter Security Code    
# If using Pikkubot
#   enter Pikkubot UUID
  1. Enter either Smartbot or Pikkubot for the Bot Type, depending on what type of bot you are using
  2. If using Smartbot, enter your Bot Security Code, or if using Pikkubot, enter your Bot UUID in the relevant places
  3. If you are using Pikkubot, that's all you need to do!
  4. If you are using Smartbot, then find the Smartbot administration script that came with your MZD Product. It will be named SmartBots AdminBot Professional v....
  5. Copy the Smartbot script into your Tip Jar inverntory, see here
  6. Your product is now set up and ready to use your bot for group invites!
Item Givers

You Jar can also give out items that aren't included on the easy-view buttons, such as landmarks, clothes, notecards or even gifts. If you don't want to use this feature, simply enter DISABLED after each of the button names.

Before you edit the config nc, make sure you have added the all items needed to the inventory, see here.
  • Open the configuration note-card as [above] and find these lines.
Giver Button 1 = DJ Info
Giver Item 1 = DJ Info Pack
Giver Button 2 = DISABLED
Giver Item 2 = My Landmark Name
  1. In the first of the two items, it is set to give away an item (could be a NC, LM, clothing or object) called DJ Info Pack
  2. The button that is shown when a person clicks on the Jar will look like DJ Info
  3. The second item will not work since it is set to DISABLED, but of course you can add a second item here instead!

Setting Up Splits

By default your Tip Jar will pay 100% of all tips to you, the owner of the Jar. Should you wish to give a percentage of your tips to one or more others, you need to simply edit the _latjs_splits note-card in the tip jars inventory. It is possible to split your takings with up to 9 other people.

Please Note: If you aren't paying splits, it's a good idea to remove the MZD_SPLITS-V* script.
You don't have to do this, it is perfectly secure and safe to leave it there, but less scripts is always less lag!

If you want to split your takings with others, then you need to edit _latjs_splits note-card in the tip jars inventory.

  • You will see the settings listed:
Split 1 = Avi Name|00000000-0000-0000-0000-000000000000|0
Split 2 = Avi Name|00000000-0000-0000-0000-000000000000|0
  1. For the person you wish to give a percentage of your tips, change “Avi Name”, to the user-name of the Avi who is to receive the split of tips. When doing this, do not remove the “|” after it or leave a gap before it.
    • Example: Split 1 = Marcus Zenoria|00000000-0000-0000-0000-000000000000|0
  2. Now change the “00000000-0000-0000-0000-000000000000” to the UUID of this person.
    • To find the Avi's UUID, some SL viewers will show it in the persons profile window, it will appear at the top of the window. If the UUID doesn't appear in your viewer, you can use the free Avi UUID display that came with your Tip Jar. Just rez it and follow the instructions to find the Avi UUID.
    • Example: Split 1 = Marcus Zenoria|538d6203-11d8-4d65-914e-8f5ea1c2ffb6|0
  3. Finally change the final “0” to your split percentage. This percentage can only be a whole number (e.g. 33) and not something like 33.5.
    • Example: Split 1 = Marcus Zenoria| 538d6203-11d8-4d65-914e-8f5ea1c2ffb6| 10 (This example is wrong, there are gaps in the information)
    • Example: Split 1 = Marcus Zenoria|538d6203-11d8-4d65-914e-8f5ea1c2ffb6|10 (This example will pay 10% to Marcus Zenoria)
  4. You can repeat the above process for each person you wish to give a percentage of your tips to (up to 9 people).
    • You don't have to include your own Avi, since as owner of the Jar, you receive what is left after the split. So if you set up one avi with a split of 20%, the remaining 80% is paid to you as owner of the Jar.
  5. Save
  6. Wait while Jar will automatically detect the changes & resets
Please Note: You have now set up the splits. You now need to read Controlling & Paying Splits.


Remember - Always Keep a Copy!
Save any changes you make to the Tip Jar by “Taking” it into your inventory after you have finished.
This ensures you always have a back-up copy!

Naming Your Tip Jar

Want to change your jars name?

By default your Tip Jar will be automatically be named as “Your First Name's Tip Jar”, so if it were my Jar it would be named “Marcus's Tip Jar”.

If you wish to change your Tip Jar name to something different, then simply do the following:

  1. Rez the Tip Jar
  2. Wait for the Configuration to load (10-15 sec )
  3. Right click and select Edit
  4. Select the General tab
  5. Enter your chosen Tip Jar name into the Name: field
  6. Close the Edit window
  7. Right click and select Take

Your Tip Jar is now renamed and in your inventory.

Resizing Your Tip Jar

Want to make your Jar bigger or smaller?

  • Then simply do the following:
    1. Rez the Tip Jar
    2. Wait for the Configuration to load (10-15 sec )
    3. Right click and select Edit
    4. Select the Object tab
    5. Select Stretch
    6. Use the white corner squares to increase or decrease the size
    7. When happy, close the Edit window
    8. Right click and select Take

Your Tip Jar is now resized and in your inventory.

Adding Items To Your Jar

Your Tip Jar can use a texture or even more (as a slideshow) from your inventory, instead of your profile picture.
It will also give away certain items when requested. These can be notecards, landmarks, clothing or objects.
You will need to set up thing to give away in the configuration note-card (above), but before you can do that, you need to add them to the tip jars inventory.
So, whether it is a texture to display or an item to give away, you need to put them into your Tip Jar inventory.

Never drag a texture out of your inventory & onto the surface of your Tip Jar to texture, always drop it into the inventory as described below:
  • To do this:
    1. Right click on your Tip Jar & select Edit
    2. Select the Contents tab
    3. Drag your item/s from your viewers inventory to the jars Contents
      • You must have permissions to copy anything you add to the Jar, but the permissions you set for the next owner aren't important.
    4. Close the Edit window
    5. Wait for the Configuration to load (10-15 sec)

Support Issues

Have you got a question or a problem with one of our products?

  • Then we need to hear from you!
  • Product problems are bad for business, and we value your business!
  • Please use our Product Support page to report a problem or ask a question
    We will contact you with a fix or a replacement product as soon as possible.
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